Highlights From FARM ’17

Happy to report that I had such an awesome time at my first FARM conference (Folk Alliance Region Midwest)! I would almost go so far as to say it was a game changer for me in my musical path… it left me feeling inspired and encouraged, and I came home with a new sense of clarity and resolve. Navigating the murky waters of a music career (especially a performing songwriter career) is challenging to say the least, but experiences like FARM help me once again tighten my bootstraps and keep chugging forward.

Highlights from FARM include:

  1. Being selected to perform for the DJ/Venue showcase (thanks to KRNL’s Bryan Katz-James!)
  2. Playing a number of awesome private showcases (led by a bunch of lovely hosts)
  3. Presenting to my fellow musicians on web presence (cause giving back feels good)
  4. Hearing Peter Mulvey’s seriously noteworthy keynote address
  5. Checking out Iowa City for the first time (and eating some amazing Iowa City food)
  6. Making a bunch of new friends (yay!)
  7. Listening to live music practically all day long (good live music I should add)
  8. Discovering a bunch of musicians/songwriters that I’m totally in love with.


So obviously I can’t leave you with that final point and not share my new finds 🙂

The Matchsellers

Notes: I had to leave FARM a few hours early, and this was the last act I heard just before heading out, and boy am I glad I stayed long enough to hear them! Good music that also makes you laugh just can’t go wrong. Don’t just skip to the music if you want a real taste of their hilarity.

Last Acre

Notes: I’m definitely a sucker for a father daughter duo, but that aside, these two have the most sweet and earnest songs.


Ordinary Elephant

Notes: These guys gave me chills. Songs that hit your heart hard with truth. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they look like they came straight out of the 1920’s.

Robin Bienneman

Notes: Out of everyone on this list, I had the hardest time picking just one song to share for Robin. His songs are quirky, funny, thought provoking… plus he is a damn good guitar player. I chose this one cause I support the message SO MUCH I even bought his shirt that says “Chicks Dig A Big Amygdala”. Also, thanks to the song, I now know how to pronounce “amygdala”.


Matthew Michael & Christina Marie

Notes: Sadly these guys don’t have an album out yet so nothing for me to show, but this couple has some gorgeous stuff. Think Civil Wars on anti-depressants.

You can follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/matthewandchristina


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