Real Talk Part 1

I’m just days away from putting up a new video and I’ll be honest, I’m feeling pretty scared and vulnerable right now! This album has been such a labor of love for so many months, that putting it’s future in the hands of others… family, friends, strangers… just makes my stomach turn.

I’ve always been the “DIY” gal, and I don’t mean the crafty kind, but rather the “how can I get this done on my own and never have to rely on the help of others” kind. Putting trust in others requires… trust obviously. Patience. Vulnerability. Being open to the unknown and unexpected. These are not the things I’m good at ?

So why am I doing this now? Why dive straight into the deep end? This year has been all about growth for me right from the start. In January I hit a major wall internally and had to seriously re-evaluate who I am and what I care about as an artist and a human being. Too much to unpack in this one post, but in short, I decided it was time for me to start being vulnerable. To embrace my full imperfect self and release that to the world.

This album is an ushering of this new phase of my life and music.
This video is my first public+tangible step towards this goal.
Wish me luck while I just ?

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