MAY '17

It's been a hot minute, and I've got NEWS

2 week East Coast Tour in JULY (with only TWO open dates left for any house show host hopefuls)!
Officially on Pandora!
Going back into the studio!... read more

MAR '17

Concert Window, new album and more!

On March 29, Celebrate the end of Women's History Month by joining me on Concert Window! Wear your nicest PJs, grab a glass of wine or some hot chocolate, and get cozy while Leah Shoshanah and I play an hour of music for you... read more

JAN '17

My New Year's Present For You

I wanted to finish 2016 in the most meaningful way possible, so I thought I'd spend the month of December recording an album of stripped down versions of my songs. I recorded this with the intention of resembling an intimate live performance... read more

AUG '16

Summer Updates + Dates 🌞

In addition to the updated look, I also wrote my first blog post. It's been on my mind and heart to start a blog and share with the world some of the thoughts I have stirring in me, and I finally made it a reality... read more

JUN '16

Hitting The Stage!

...I've been getting together with Chicago band Wooden Rings (playing keys and singing background vocals) and it has been AWESOME! If you are into lush folk-rock + intricate lyrics, you need to take a listen ... read more

APR '16

Radio Silence Is Over!

You might remember I had a little drawing for the beautifully illustrated children's book, "The World God Made For Me" (Laurel Nakai and Abi Reid), back in December? Well I finally finished the accompanying music, and it's available for free listening on Spotify! It's definitely not your typical children's song... read more

DEC '15

Happy Holidays! A Treat For YOU

Even though it's unseasonably warm for this time of year, I'm still feeling the holiday spirit, and wanted to make sure to write to you all one last time before the new year! I REALLY wanted to give you all something special, so in a throw back fashion (with a modern twist) I made you all a... read more

OCT '15

BIG surprise and other goodies!

I've got a super big exciting (personal type) announcement, but just before I get to that, here are some cool things that have happened/will happen/are in the process of happening... read more

SEP '15

We've Got Our Own Episode On CAU Podcast!

We had a blast working with the amazing Michael Teach, recording for the Chicago Acoustic Underground podcast!

Click here to listen to the podcast. You can also check out the video and photos from our recording session!

And while you're on the CAU website... read more

JUN '15

Reflections On My First Mini-Tour

It's been two weeks since I've gotten back from my first "mini-home-tour", and as I'm rounding up my thoughts on it, I thought some of you might be interested to know how it went.

Quick summary...

1. I didn't have to sleep in a dirty motel or a van... read more

APR '15

Shows Shows Shows!

The band and I had an AMAZING EP release show, and it was thanks to so many of you! The venue was packed, there were lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones, which makes us thrilled! With that awesome memory behind us, we (the band and I), are just iching to play even more shows!

We've got a ton of amazing gigs coming up in the Chicago area, and we hope you can make one (or two, or heck, all of them?!)... read more

MAR '15

Be The First To Hear It!

After several months of hard work, with the help and support of so many amazing people (including YOU) we finally did it. Within another week or two, I'll have the physical copy of the CD in my hands and I'll be able to put it in yours.

But don't worry, I don't false advertise...I've made the EP digitally available NOW, so you don't have to wait to hear the whole thing! Just mosey on over to my newly crafted Bandcamp page to stream the whole thing... read more

FEB '15

The Wait is Almost Over!

I know some of you have noticed how quiet it's been on the home front. I've been getting texts, emails and facebook messages asking me when this EP is gonna be done! Well first I'd like to say how psyched I am that you guys care, and that truly means a lot to me! Secondly, I'd like to profusely apologize (especially to you Indiegogo backers) for having things be a bit delayed... read more

DEC '14

SNEAK PEAK and a Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to say Happy Holidays to you all! It's been a great year, and I'm so excited to see what 2015 has to bring! With the EP being released at the end of January, I can guarantee a busy busy year ahead, with lots more shows. For you Chicago area folk, I'll be kicking off 2015 with a show at Reggies on January 22... read more

NOV '14

Going Into The Studio And More

Phew! It's been real busy since the last time I checked in, and as the holiday season draws near, it's bound to get busier for us all. At the end of this month and into December, I'll be going into a couple of studios to lay down the tracks for the new EP. I'm pretty much geeking out about this gorgeous piano I'll be playing on down at Backthird Audio. I'm also excited about some of the amazing players I've been able to get on board, like Anton Hatwich on upright bass... read more

SEP '14

A Special Thank You and Welcome

Incase you haven't heard, I've completed an exciting IndieGoGo Campaign just a few weeks ago! The goal was $2,000 to help me record my debut EP, and including in-person cash donations, we raised nearly 2,500! With everyone's generous contributions, I have been able to move forward on making this EP a reality, and I super excited to say that....

We've officially booked a top notch studio and engineer! I found Minbal Studio's website just a couple of weeks ago, and my initial gut feeling (which I tend to trust), was... read more