Film/Game Album Out!

A lot of you have requested being able to download/stream the AvAIV and AvM music, so I put together an album with that music as well as music from a cool video game I worked on. I hope you enjoy it! CLICK HERE to download.

New CD self titled album out!

I put out an album January 2017 of a bunch of my songs, stripped down (just piano and vocal). CLICK HERE to download, and CLICK HERE to join the mailing list and hear more from me about my singer-songwriter life :)








         Sarah Eide is an award winning composer, pianist, singer/songwriter and sound designer currently residing in the Greater Chicago area. With a talent for versatility and collaboration, she graduated magna cum laude from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music with a B.A. in Film Scoring. Sarah has worked on a wide range of visual media projects, including short films, feature length films, commercials and videogames.
         Having been classically trained on the piano since 5 years old, her music has a distinctly melodic quality, which lends itself well to the writing of memorable themes. While classical music grounded her in technique and musical proficiency, she also soaked in the sounds of many different genres of music, from electronic to ethnic, rock to jazz, and everything in-between. Through this, she matured into a chameleon like composer, not only writing in most genres but also uniquely capable of blending different styles of music.
         As a songwriter, she has also collaborated extensively with musicians, lyricists and poets, writing songs that have received much acclaim. Over the past few years, her music has been performed in front of audiences both intimate and large by some of the best upcoming singers and musicians in the business. Much of her success is due not only to her musical proficiency and creativity, but also to her innate ability to work with her colleagues and clients in a personal and professional way.

         While Sarah continues to write music for an array of (awesome) projects, she has recently been spending much of her time on her own songwriting and performance, releasing an EP of originals called 'Borderland'. She can be found performing with her band around the Chicago area, and occasionally makes appearances in other parts of the country. For more info on 'Borderland' and Sarah's work as a performing artist, you can check out


         While it's only been a few short years since Sarah has been working in the music business, she's already built a huge portfolio of projects spanning from film to advertisements to video games, all the while developing an ever expanding network of happy clients. Her mantra is to "... not only be passionate about my music, but also be passionate what it is that I am writing music for. I think that's necessary for any successful collaborative work ... that both parties are excited about each other's art."

        While actions speak louder then words, Sarah is pretty psyched about all the cool things her past + current clients have said about her...

Sarah is a very versatile musician. Not only can she write you a melody, she can take that melody and mold it into any genre, any mood that you want. Her soundtrack for my latest animation thoroughly impressed me, and took the emotion to a new level. Thanks Sarah!

Alan Becker - Animator vs. Animation / Animation vs. Minecraft

I would like to express my admiration and respect for Sarah Eide's diverse work. She is an exceptional musician with a real understanding of sound structure - dramatically and musically. I am thrilled and honored to recommend Sarah to your project - which I do happily without reservation, and with the greatest affection.

Joe Perry - Strange Bella

As a director, it takes a ton of faith to hand over the images in your head to a composer whose job is to create music that gives those images its heart and soul. Sarah not only rose to the challenge, she conquered it in every way. I seriously couldn't be more proud of the score she created. It communicates on every level and speaks in a film where there are no spoken words. She comes with ideas but is never married to them. She listens, adapts, adjusts, and gives. But most importantly, she feels. When you're a director, that's exactly what you hope for. I truly hope I get to work with her again. And soon.

Abraham Valencia - She's Beautiful

We were really happy with the music Sarah produced. It matches our brand and message perfectly!

Nick Miller - CEO, Co-Founder, Parking Panda

Sarah is an incredible artist to work with. It is very hard to find someone who is both gifted and punctual, and Sarah is both. We were amazed with not only the speed at which she composed her works, but with her ability to listen to our needs and modify her works to fit these needs in such a timely fashion. She is someone we will work with again in the future.

Yongil Fleisher - Kazira LLC

"Sarah was exceptionally easy to work with and provided great results!"

F. Greg Holkenbrink - Invisible Spaceship

Sarah Eide is a phenomenal composer and pianist, and a joy to work with. When we collaborated on our CD, Fishwife Tales, I was impressed with her lovely and mature interpretations of my poetry, and with her wholehearted commitment to the project. More important than charisma and talent--both of which Sarah has in spades--is Sarah's integrity as a person. She's an honest and generous collaborator, and I'd work with again in a heartbeat!

Jennifer Jean -