Though new to the Chicago music scene, Sarah is no stranger to gripping an audience with her powerful voice and lyrically beautiful music. A classical piano background coupled with a love for traditional American roots music and folk has led her to writing songs that are daring yet familiar. She writes lyrics that are all at once raw, smart and intimate, while wrapping them in expressive melodies and adventurous chord changes. It’s within these songs that she dares question aloud spirituality, morality, relationships, societal standards, her place in the world and where the line lies between right and wrong.

Having graduated from Berklee College of Music, Sarah intended to make her mark in L.A. as a film composer, and was well on her way to doing so, but by an unexpected twist of fate, found herself in the Midwest. After months of working remotely on various independent games, advertisements and films, she found herself feeling unfulfilled and yearning for more. “I came to Chicago without knowing anyone in the music scene. I had to figure out who I was as a musician and songwriter, as well as who I was as a person. Somehow that feeling of loneliness and exploring the unknown thrust me into my own self discovery and got the creative juices flowing. I’d like to think a lot of good has come from it,” Sarah says, looking back. The result of this creative struggle is an arsenal of new songs accompanied by an ever expanding network of new musical relationships. Since late October 2014, Sarah (and a cast of supporting musicians) has begun playing in Chicago proper, all the while gaining new fans and garnering the attention of Chicago music’s best.

When Sarah isn’t performing or penning new songs, she is writing music for media.


“Comparable to Laura Nyro, a pianist/composer from the 60’s soul-folk underground, Eide also has a swinging rock piano style and intellectually satisfying arrangements. While Nyro comes off as vulnerable at times, Eide has a steadfast, empowering vibe along with sweet approach-ability.” – On Axis Music
“Sarah Eide — whoa! Oh my God. She came in here with her band, and I was in my no-alcohol mode, so I was dead sober. I just kept going, ‘Stop it, Sarah, you’re making me cry.’ Her voice, and her keyboard technique, and her songwriting — those were all her songs. This city has so many talented people.” –
“She allows her voice off the leash every so often as it jumps and prances over the music, showing you she has range but uses it sparingly and therefore is even more purposeful.” – Red Line Roots
“The piano, which guides the listener through, recalls the iconic tone of musical theater…an amazing display of piano playing with songs that show emotional reflections of a mature songwriter with plenty to offer.” – Chaz Hearne
“She has a classical background, and it shows in the intricacy of her piano riffs, which also possess a rock’n’roll hustle. this release is standing out for me among the pack of singer/songwriter type things in that sarah’s ability to lead her band through vibrant musical passages from behind the keyboard is obvious.” – The Modern Folk
“It’s REALLY good!  Very thoughtful, poignant lyrics — and the piano arrangements are creative, quirky, and at times really haunting. AND love the album artwork too” – Dave Trout of Under The Radar